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This is a list of all Digimon that can be obtained.

Normal capture[edit | edit source]

All of them can be catchable using a Taming Net: In-training (Blue capture net) or manual method(C key shortcut) in battle.

Digimon Localization Coordinates
Yuramon West of Administrative Bureau 151, 28
Zurumon (Elecmon) West of Administrative Bureau 141,60
Zurumon (Bearmon) West of Administrative Bureau 118,167
Tokomon West of Administrative Bureau 114,208
Nyaromon West of Administrative Bureau 98,99
Puroromon West of Administrative Bureau 74,133
MetalKoromon West of Administrative Bureau 55,38
DemiMeramon (Starmon) West of Administrative Bureau 64,103
DemiMeramon (Dynasmon) West of Administrative Bureau 27,141
Pyocomon South of administrative Bureau 13,32
Motimon (Tentomon) South of administrative Bureau 22,46
Motimon (Dokunemon) South of administrative Bureau 39,134
Paomon South of administrative Bureau 47,91
Kuramon South of administrative Bureau 57,105
Minomon South of administrative Bureau 75,124
Upamon South of administrative Bureau 81,165
Tsunomon South of administrative Bureau 33,71
Tanemon North of theme Park 20,16
Bukamon (Gomamon) North of theme Park 41,12
Bukamon (Betamon) North of theme Park 65,104
Babydmon North of theme Park 93,32
Chocomon North of theme Park 64,18
Kapurimon (Crusadermon) North of theme Park 45,28
Kapurimon (Zanbamon) North of theme Park 105,90
Poromon North of theme Park 29,57
Koromon North of theme Park 80,113
Pagumon (Goburimon) North of theme Park 100,99
Pagumon (Boltmon) North of theme Park 46,133
Pagumon (Myotismon) North of theme Park 66,161
Pagumon (Gotsumon) North of theme Park 36,73

Rookies catchable[edit | edit source]

Those Digimon can be obtained only with a Taming Net: Rookie (Orange capture net). Some of these Digimon also appear as their in-training form, therefore can also be captured with the blue net or manual captures.

Note: There is a version of the Taming Net: Rookie in the shop listed as Taming Net: Rookie S. This is not a net that allows special capture, but rather grants an EXP boost of 200% and +3 tamer EXP until the captured Digimon reaches level 70.

Digimon Localization Coordinates In-training form?
Lopmon (Evil) Park (S) 140,241 YES
Salamon Park (S) 48,99 YES
Betamon Park (S) 37,183 YES
Tentomon Park (S) 55,73 YES
Dracmon Park (S) 12,223 NO
Piyomon Park (E) 12,230 YES
Patamon Park (E) 135,226 YES
Labramon Park (E) 121,165 YES
Palmon Park (E) 72,196 YES
Elecmon Flora Woods 63,33 YES
Goburimon Flora Woods 20,163 YES
Bearmon Flora Woods 117,40 YES
Gabumon Loop Woods 110,33 YES
Armadimon Loop Woods 77,143 YES
Kotemon (Zanbamon) Loop Woods 144,28 YES
Kotemon (Crusadermon) Loop Woods 137,35 YES
Wormmon Loop Woods 48,103 YES
Agumon Rest Woods 12,133 YES
Mushroomon Rest Woods 181,81 YES
Gomamon Rest Woods 175,53 YES
Gotsumon Rest Woods 120,202 YES
Commandramon Rest Woods 21,23 NO
Ryudamon Peace Woods 86,29 NO
FanBeemon Peace Woods 125,130 YES
Dokunemon Peace Woods 125,62 YES
Gazimon Peace Woods 44,269 NO
Tapirmon Peace Woods 35,257 NO
Kamemon Geko Woods 41,39 NO

Special Capture[edit | edit source]

There are some Digimon that can only be obtained using a Special Taming Net (Sparkly orange capture net).

Digimon Map Coordinates
Dorumon Loop Woods 28,226
Gaomon Loop Woods 95,71
Guilmon Loop Woods 87,30
Monodramon Loop Woods 95,162
Veemon Loop Woods 110,272
Lucemon Loop Woods 96,264
Impmon Peace Woods 124,124
Huckmon Peace Woods 91,262

Anex[edit | edit source]

You can have a look in this sheet to know more about all evolutions of each Digimon:*QnWX-V_4N8un_gytqef11Q#